A History of Things That Never Happened
A History of Things That Never Happened
altPictured above: Alex Moggridge as Jason and Nancy 
Madden as Elaine in A History of Things That Never
Happened. Photo by Linda Burbank.

A History of Things That Never Happened
ran from July 9 - August 8, 1999 at the 
Magic Theatre, San Francisco.
"The play finds delightfully fresh comedy in the largely ignored province of midlife romance. Hilfinger observes the relationship between parents and children with honesty and humor, and leavens the realism with fantasy: as a means to explore her romanitc mistakes, Elaine (the protagonist) imagines herself as her favorite fictional heroines, from Tolstoy's Anna to Cathy in Wuthering Heights. Hilfinger's wit and skill seldom flag-- she is definitely a talent to watch." 

San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 21, 1999.

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Production Photos
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"Oh my God! United Airlines, Los Angeles to San Francisco, March fourteenth." "Ah, here you are again: the allusive man of my dreams." "And you had no idea who you were writing to!"
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"Shoulders carved out of ivory. A finely chiseled neck." "May I have this dance with you, Madame Karenina?" "Something is better than nothing." "She's totally respectable. We write about books."
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"I knew there was a real--mmm!--woman hiding behind that book." "I bought a '73 Triumph 500. Parts. A box of parts. And I'm gonna teach myself how to rebuild it!" "I'm not staring. I'm zenning out the situation." "I'm going to be a partner!"
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