BootStrap Theater Foundation presents the world premiere of

Duct Tape Girl & Fetish Chick Conquer the World

a play. in a living room.

Written & Directed by Paz Pardo
Featuring Lauren LaRocca, Dhira Rauch, and William Vaughn

March 28-April 20
Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 pm
In a living room in Park Slope, Brooklyn (we'll send you the address once you've bought your tickets)

Seats are limited.

Duct Tape Girl & Fetish Chick Conquer the World is a cartoon whirlwind of earnest attempts at the impossible. Following the tumultuous relationship of Fetish Chick and her sidekick Duct Tape Girl as they fight villains, boredom, and audience-generated nemeses, this performance invites the question: given the choice, would you ever pick loneliness?

A high-voltage, immersive experience featuring queer superheroes, audience participation, and bourbon.

Duct Tape Girl... marks BootStrap Foundation's tenth world-premiere and our New York City debut.

Tickets can be purchased at