Not far in the future, water is so scarce it's gold, and the usual adolescent struggles are complicated by having to compete for a vital resource. Surely life will get better when Aqua-Viva Corporation takes over the water works—but at what price? Inspired by youth taking a stand against corporate greed, this activist theatre piece will have you laughing and crying.

Presented September 6 - 14, 2003
San Francisco Fringe Theatre Festival

Actor’s Theatre of San Francisco Stage 2 
San Francisco, California



Production Photos

H2O Line
H2O Line
H2O Line
Filmer & Ad Kid
Tao Child & Server: \
Skateboarder to Stealer: \
Chem Kids: Pollution alert
Orange Alert: \
Arrival of the AquaViva vending machine
Animals in need of H2O
Sharing the last H2O